Best-Selling Online Courses- Siddha Himalayan Healing and Meditation

Healing and Meditation: Beginner

In this 10 Days camp and the spiritual practice, Tatvdarshi Siddha Yogi Dhaval Ji enhances the seekers’ knowledge so that they can move towards a healthy, wealthy, happy and prosperous life.  Feel the deep energy in the body, calmness in the mind and inner peace comes. Read More…

₹ 500/-

Healing and Meditation: Advance

Physical yogic kriyas, Seven chakras healing, Pranayama, Pranic kriyas, transformative healing, meditation, holistic approach to self-realization, Ayurvedic lifestyle guide. Benefits: boosts your physical, mental and emotional immunity from within. Read More….

₹ 2999/-

Divine Experiential
and Meditation

Synthesis of all paths of Yoga

Siddha Himalayan Healing and Meditation – Divine Experiential Course is going to be organized by the infinite grace of God.

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Enroll in our  Life Transformational Divine Experiential courses to enjoy benefits of Siddha Himalayan Healing and Meditation courses.With Para Siddha Maha Yoga Courses and Workshops YOU Will Experience Great Revolutionary Changes in YOUR Life , Great Evolution in YOUR HEALTH,WEALTH,SUCCESS, ABUNDANCE,  HAPPINESS AND BLISS.

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Emotional Mastery Course


🔴 You want to get rid of negative thoughts and failures in life forever
🟠 You want to be productive & consistent in work & hit your money goals effortlessly
🟡 You like to be in your best health & able to do whatever you want
🟢 You like to be in total peace and happiness, whatever life throws at you
🔵 You like to create your own Legacy from a normal life story, but have no idea how


Yoga and meditation is not just a physical therapy, it’s much more. One can uplift his spiritual health and make his life a success.

Achieve Goals

Life Purpose or goals can be achieved through regular practice of powerful life transforming Yoga and Meditation.


The secrets of worldly life can be opened up easily through spiritual growth. The innermost growth boosts our outer growth.

Why Siddha Himalayan Healing and Meditation?

The fate (prarabdha) of every human being is determined by the deeds of his previous lives.

Therefore, every obstacle, trouble, problems and pain coming in life – whether it is a physical disease, mental stress or trouble with the physical form, Whether it is sour in relationships or failure in work – is the root cause of all these things done in the past. Gone karma.

A person can remove these bundles of karma with Siddha Himalayan healing and meditation.


When does the Course start?

As soon as you register yourself by buying the course you will get access to our course in Para Siddha Maha Yoga mobile app.

Available in Google Play Store and app store.

Will this be live or pre-recorded?


Live Session timings
Every Sunday 9.00 am to 10.00 am
Thursday 7.00 am to 8.00 am
Tuesday 9.00 pm to 10.00 pm

What if unable to attend live classes?

If incase you are not able to attend our live sessions still you will get recording of live session which you can go through at your suitable time.

Do I get lifetime access like other courses?

No. This is a 10 Day online course. The Program is designed to be consumed and acted upon in a specific time frame to get maximum results. So you get access to the program for 10 Days. Please make use of it.

So, What Would You Choose?

Keep on struggling for a lifetime and never realize your true powers?

Or, Become the Spiritual Warrior who can convert pains to extraordinary mind power? And reach your highest health, wealth & happiness potential without any struggle?

The choice is yours…

Purpose of Life

Life’s main purpose is to achieve the state of absolute peace, bliss and happiness . Our powerful life transforming yogic and meditation practices are Key to achieve these absolute state.

Spiritual Guru

Having a spiritual Guru who can guide you towards achievement of goal, speeds up the process.
A good guidance is necessary.